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主讲人:武向平研究员 中国科学院院士

题 目:理解宇宙



Brief Introduction of Professor Xiang-Ping Wu

Xiang-Ping Wu is a professor of astrophysics at National Astronomical observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). He has been engaged in doing research on cosmology including gravitational lensing, clusters of galaxies and epoch of reionization. He built the 21 Centimeter Array in the Tianshan Mountains of western China, the first low-frequency radio array dedicated to the detection of the epoch of reionization. He is currently leading the Chinese SKA science team toward transforming our understanding of the universe. Prof. Wu was selected as the member of CAS in 2011 and has also served as the Dean of the Faculty of Astronomy and Space Science, University of CAS since 2017.

发布单位: 科学技术发展研究院

发布日期: 2023-05-17

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